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OMG! I'm so excited for you? Details, details! When are you due? How are you feeling? Did you have any symptoms in the 2ww?

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  • Well ... I tested yesterday with three different brands (yeah, i'm sick!)  It was 10dpo ... which is early, but that was when I had gotten my previous BFPs.  I had 2 stark whites, and one very, very, very light shadow.  I tryed to forget about it because it was so light, and retested this morning but I only had one test left.  I went out last night and got in really late, then woke up really early to pee, so it wasn't the best fmu (only about 4 hours) I got another really, really light line that H said he couldn't see.  I couldn't handle it so I went out and bought a digital and held my pee all day!!!!!!  It was soooo worth it!!!

    I am feeling really good.  I thought had sore boobs and some nausea last week ... but they were probably phantom signs because I'm a little crazy!   I have definitely been very tired the last three days.  FF puts my due date at 11/10/09!!!!!  What's yours, it must be just a few days before me!

    What a good week for TTCAL girls from CT ... first Melissa, then you, now me!!!  WOOHOO!!!!!

  • Yay for the CT girls. If we all get sticky babies this time (which I hope we do), we should plan a GTG.

    My due date based on my last period is 11/4, but based on my O date its 11/5.?

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