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Charlotte Destination Maternity Store Review

Although I'm only about 10 weeks, I have this fear that I'll wake up one day in the next month and have nothing that fits. I decided to drive 45 minutes to Destination Maternity because it appeared to have the largest selection of clothes in the area.When I got there I was happy to see it was a large store. When I walked in one of the girls asked me if I needed help and I said yes, that I needed pants for work and jeans in petite sizes. Apparently the front section of the store is more expensive and the back is more reasonable. She proceeded to announce that she would meet me in the back to help me. I guess I didn't look like I could afford the front part?!? I ended up standing back there and starting to look, waited for about 10 minutes and she never came. I ventured to the front where she was and even after seeing me she still didn't offer help. Eventually I just got fed up and picked out some things to try.The girls helping with the dressing room were very nice and they did get me some other sizes. I found some very good deals in jeans and dresses for work since I'll be pregnant in the summer mainly.I have to say while I was in the dressing room, I was very embarassed to hear the sales people saying that there was another customer who needed help up front "Who was only 20 weeks so she had no idea what she was doing." I'm only 10, does that mean I'm an idiot that can't shop for maternity clothes??When I went to check out they tried to sell me 50 things. They wanted all of my info, wanted to know if I wanted a credit card, tried to sell me parenting magazine, and viacord and 52 other things. I was sick of it by the end.The girl asked me if I had received the brochure when I came in and was introduced to the store. I had no introduction and received nothing.After I swiped my card and the transaction was complete she informed me that you have 10 days for any exchange for store credit. They do not give refunds and all sale items are final. Well everything I bought was on sale, so she waited to tell me they were final after I had already purchased them. Needless to say I was less than impressed with Destination Maternity. It is unfortunate because I can't find work clothes at the other stores such as Old Navy, Target, etc, but I will be going to a local boutique before I would drive 45 minutes to be treated like trash again.Hope all of you have a better experience than I did.

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  • Sorry you had a bad experience. But they are owned by Motherhood Maternity (as is Pea in the Pod), who also share the lousy return policy, and the product sales/credit card/etc "assault" at checkout. This is why I quit shopping at them. I bought one thing at Destination Maternity, and a few things at Motherhood, but got the majority of my maternity clothes at Kohl's, JC Penney, or Old Navy. Kohl's had the best selection of work clothes, among those. Hopefully you'll have more luck later on!


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  • Here's a tip- shop them online, it makes life much easier. Also, I would hesitate to buy anything at 10 weeks. What I thought would be comfortable and fit that I bought around 18 weeks turned out not to work so much when my belly really started to grow, some shirts won't even cover my belly.  You won't truly know what works and fits you until you have somewhat of a bump. I bought pretty much everything I have at Motherhood, either in the store, or online. I think I bought 1 shirt at Target and that is it. They have a petite selection I just couldn't find anywhere, but again, shop online to avoid a headache.
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  • Sorry you had such a bad experience. It must be sales person dependent. My sales ladies was awesome. I was there a few weeks ago to get a bathing suit. I found several other things and was very happy with my experience.
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