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pay cut update - not good but not horrible

Um yeah.... so they cut my husband's (and everyone else's) salary by more than half. Nice. The only saving grace is that in addition to the new "base" salary he also will be paid a dollar amount per billable hour he works.  Luckily he is 100% billable and always has been...

So, all in all this means if he does 40 billable hours a week + the base salary it will result in about a 10% pay cut.

Let's just hope business doesn't slow so much he can't do 40 hours. 

The only "good" news in this mess is that by doing things this way they only had to let go a very small group of people (<10) and his team is still intact.

Blah... what a day. I'm beyond thrilled he still has a job but this still kinda sucks.



Re: pay cut update - not good but not horrible

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