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OK--one more time car seat question

I think we're going to take the plunge and get the Britax Roundabout for DS. ?But we want to have a 2nd car seat for DH's car and one for my parents' car. ?Tell me again the cheaper but still good/safe options. ?I bookmarked them on my old computer but it died and I can't find them. ?I'm thinking one was a Fisher Price one? ?Thanks!

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Re: OK--one more time car seat question

  • We have the Evenflo Triumph, Consumer Reports had it ranked tied number 1 with the britax...only difference is less money



  • My cousin loves her Evenflo Triumph--we got a Britex Diplomat for my car, and we will probably get the Triumph for DH's car.
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  • I have the Evenflo Triumph in my car and LOVE it!  MrsJones is right, it's just as nice and safe as the Britax for less money.  The FP Safe Voyage is the same seat as the Britax, just under a different name.  And we have a Graco ComfortSport in DH's car and really like it too. 

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