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hey - how are ya? So I think you posted something a while back about the water rates going up in Forsyth Co? At the time, I wasn't sure what you were talking about and was hoping it didn't apply to us. Well, we got our water bill yesterday, our usage was less than the month before and our bill went up by 60%!! What the heck is up with that?? Anyways, there is no point to this other than to say it SUCKS!

Hope you guys are doing well! 

Re: MrsL

  • Hey there! I am good. Yeah Forsyth County SUCKS!! Our sewer bill is astronomical compared to our water useage and we are now billed by a 3rd party sewer company who is just ripping us off b/c according to them "they can" I did a little research and the new council that got elected signed new water rates that were higher to discourage useage due to the draught. I so want to call the news or Clark Howard b/c I think there are some shifty things going on and when you call to ask for info they will not give it to you.

    It totally sucks but it looks like our hands are tied.

     I feel your pain, believe me!

    We are great I hope Ava's bruise went away and that you had a good 15 month appointment. I need a glass of wine so let me know if you are up for a girls night sometime.

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