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About the tone of my post over there, here's the thing: on these flame free things, I have seen some AWFUL things posted - things about women cheating on their husbands, ignoring their kids, and then there's the general sniping, etc.

I posted in the flippant way I did because, partly, I wanted to get a rise out of them and partly because I've seen gals post even worse things just as casually. Things like, oh ha ha, DH held DD in his lap on a moving jet ski. ?? Seriously? So, in the spirit of that, I launched with my full-on flame free Friday confession. And a wry/dry sense of humor does not translate in printed text.

Stuff like that is akin to throwing chum to the sharks. And I got the full frenzy. I'm not really offended or upset with the death threats over there. I can't say I didn't expect a few gasps and shrieks. But my confession was just that, a confession. Taking G out of her carseat wasn't right and I don't plan on doing it again. She was crying and hungry and I fed her. FWIW, I didn't even think about leaning over her car seat to feed her. I don't think I realized that could be done. 

I also posted yesterday asking what I should do about a friend with a 11 month-old facing front in a car seat. I was horrified and requested advice for how to approach said friend. But no one appeared to remember that post...

Has no one ever done something they're ashamed of? Guess I'm better off keeping it between me and the Lord.
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  • I personally don't think you need to explain yourself, especially to someone who doesn't spend time on that board and therefore they don't know what the tone of that board is. I guarantee you if LOTR or whatever her name is posted it people would crawl out of the woodworks saying 'oh ha ha, i did that once too' or 'don't sweat it, it had to be done, and your son is SO cute'. It really ticks me off.

    I have done things I am ashamed of, and I am sure everyone has. Please don't apologize or explain yourself, especially on here.

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  • I'm not judging you at all....you just sounded like you were so surprised in your post this morning at how they attacked you.  The way you said it here was just so different sounding from your post, that's all. 

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