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We have a SW for EI come out 1x a  month, not really sure what she is looking for or what she is there for really. Everytime she leaves I feel like a failure. She is repeating over and over that I need to force feed carter so he will know how to eat. (he puts food in his mouth but takes it out right out) She then writes on the paper that mom refuses our EI nurt. ( I already have 1 with the GI dr.)

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  • That's ridiculous!  Can you request a new social worker?  How can you possibly force him to eat?  They need to give you some help on how to do it!

  • WHATT???!!!!  That person sounds rediculous!!!!! Again, WHATT????!!!!!

    I'd be calling for someone else. I am so sorry. 

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  • Social workers aren't trained for feeding....it really scares me that she is giving advice about it at all.
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