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dogs are disgusting.

henry woke up with a dirty diaper this morning, and i hadn't put a pail liner in his pail, so i set the diaper/wipes on top of the trash can. henry and i went to visit the neighbors, and i came back to riley licking the inside of the diaper after he had pulled the insert out and left it on the stairs. EWW.

i love my dogs, but this is one of the reasons i'm more of a cat person! (though the cat stealing a raw chicken tender out of the crockpot yesterday biased me more towards the doggies)


Re: dogs are disgusting.

  • Oh that is nasty!!!  I don't think our dogs have ever shown any interest in DS' dirty diapers.  I leave them out all the time, for the same reason, or if I just don't have time at the moment to dump.  They've never even gone back in there.  Oh yuck, I'm getting sick just thinking about it!  Ick!

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  • Naaaasty!  Fiona would gladly clean the litter boxes for us if we let her, but luckily she has not shown an interest in dirty diaper laundry yet.  Ick! 
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  • That is so gross.  Both stories.  Ew.

     I hope mine doesn't take a liking to diapers, she used to eat her own when she was a puppy (gag) so who knows. 

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Yuck!!!!  The funny thing is, I could see my cat doing something like this more than my dog!  He's a dog-cat.
  • Hehe.  My dog is a total nasty girl like that too!  She once got one of DS's poopy diapers and licked it clean for me.  She will also gladly eat cat poop LOL.  And she cleans up for me anytime DS's spitup gets on the floor.  It's gross, but she's a dog, I love her anyway :)
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