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Darn..after 18 mo

AF is back with a vengence. ?I guess all the weird crampy feelings I've been having over the last few weeks was probably my body getting back on track for it. ?It would be so nice that after you have your first child, you never get AF again but are still able to have children if you want -- oh, how blissful these last 18 mo. of no AF have been!
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Re: Darn..after 18 mo

  • Aw, sorry to hear the old hag is back.  You had a nice break though.  I wish I had gotten that long!

    At least now you know that your cycles are back, so you can start trying for #2 when you are ready!  :)

  • You did have a nice break!  Mine came back on DD's 6-month birthday.

    Baby J is here! Born on her mama's birthday.

    11 pounds, 7 ounces and 23" long at birth!

    My Bio

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  • Hate to hear she is back. ?Boo. ?I am pretty sure I cried when mine came back and DD was only 4 months old. ?I was totally bummed because I was still EBF and I had hoped for at least a little longer to be AF free.?


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