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Anyone else not on a schedule?

For the past couple of months, Maddie has had no schedule to speak of. Some days she takes 2-3 long naps, some days she takes 6-7 short naps. She wakes up every night once to eat, but it can be anywhere from 12:30 to 4 am. Sometimes she wakes up for the day around 6, sometimes 8. I'm not even sure what her bedtime is, b/c she naps all evening long.

It makes it a little hard to get her solids in some days, b/c I never know if she's going to be up for 2 hours or 30 minutes. But I keep reading that solids are just for practice right now anyway, so that's not a big deal.

I'm not really concerned about it, she sleeps when she's tired and she's very happy when she's awake, so I think she's doing fine. I actually kind of like her not being on a set schedule b/c there's no time of the day or night that we can't go out, she always just adapts. I was just wondering if this is weird for a baby or if lots of other babies are like this too.

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Re: Anyone else not on a schedule?

  • We did have a VERY fluid schedule, until J started eating 3 meals a day. Now it's a little more routine, but still very flexible (except for bedtime & that's b/c J SCREAMS if he's tired & is ready to go to bed for the night). He usually wakes up around 7:30am and goes down for a nap around 9am (unless we have plans - then he misses it). He gets at least 2 naps a day (9am & sometime in the afternoon after lunch), sometimes 3 if his 1st nap is short. Other than that, we're pretty flexible until about 5pm...then it's dinner, bath, nurse, bed! J wouldn't have it any other way Smile?

    As long as she's happy & healthy, I think that it's great! Can you believe how old they are getting?!?!?!

  • We're not on much of a schedule.  Her naps can be 20 - 40 minutes (normally) or 2 hours (very rare).  Her sleep at night has been really off too.  It was getting better but then she started getting a tooth.

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  • DD didn't really settle into a schedule until she was 6 months old or so and that was all her doing. ?I never tried to force her into it, she just took up a routine in terms of eating/sleeping at that point.
  • no schedule, just a routine. our days vary a lot too :-) in the evening, right now, henry wakes up from a nap around 4:30, nurses, i pump, feed him cereal, nap, wake, bath, nurse, bed. he goes to bed between 8 and 9, but everything is different every day. i put him down for a nap when he's tired!
  • We have a flexible routine...but no strict schedule. The timing for things she does during the day varies day to day. Her feedings usually are about the same time every day (give or take an hour), but they can vary. She doesn't have set nap times...she just naps if she starts acting tired. I mean, if she's not tired, why push her to nap? She goes to bed roughly the same time every night, but that can vary too (anywhere btw 8:30 and 10:30).
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