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Carter has night-time leg cramps

Remember Charley Horses? Any moms with older children go thru this yet? 

It woke him up twice last night and he was whimpering and then full out crying.  Each time it would last about 20-30 mintues, but then it was hard to get him to go back to sleep.  It was terrible watching him b/c i remember how badly those things hurt.  What can I do to help him?  I gave him some Tylenol and juice and tried to rub them.

Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep last night.

Re: Carter has night-time leg cramps

  • When I was pg the OB said it was b/c I wasn't getting enough potassium so maybe give him 1 banana per day. I would put bananas in cereal and it helped. Poor Carter those hurt so bad. I would wake up yelling.
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  • Were they in his calves?  Dehydration can cause them and/or make them worse.  Make sure he's getting enough to drink.  Oh and if they are in his calf, flexing his foot can help relax them.  Poor little guy-they hurt!
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  • I figured they were b/c he was dehydrated and unfortunatley we didn't have a bananas in the house.

    Flexing the foot was difficult therapy.  It's hard to convince a screaming 2YO that while what you are doing hurts, it will make it feel better.  It was hard to tell it it was just in his calf, or throughout the entire leg.  I rememebr getting them as a child where it would just roll up and down your legs.  We always called it growing pains. So I dont' know if this is the same sort of thing.

  • I use to hate those.  Poor Carter.  Hope the water and bananas work.
  • Poor, poor Carter!!  I so feel for him and for you!  I remember those as a child and once in a blue moon I'll get one now.  So painful.  Hopefully bananas will help.
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  • Oh poor Carter!  (And poor mama!!)  I applaud you for figuring out what was would never occur to me to know that was going on.  Poor little guy...I hope he feels better soon!!
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  • Hope he is feeling better today!
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  • Poor Carter!  Sorry, no adivce here but it sounds like the other posters have some good ideas.  I also remember how bad those hurt.  :(
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  • I'm late on this but ditto on the dehydration and bananas.  Emma has only complained of leg cramps once but I can still remember what you described as 'growing pains' when I was a kid.  I also had trouble with shin splints when I was a little older.  Hope he feels better and you get some rest! 
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