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So Monday I am supposed to take Polly to a new daycare.  I waited to give notice to the current daycare bc I didn't want Polly treated differently bc they knew she was leaving.  Well, I informed the director today and she said I was supposed to give 2 weeks notice!  Nobody ever mentioned this before.  What if I had been fired or laid off or was suddenly unable to pay?  Anyway the director told me I would have to pay regardless of whether Polly attends.  I don't think I ever agreed to that so unless its in the fine print I am not doing it.  Besides, I turned on the webcam and Polly seemed to be in the room by herself in the exersaucer for a full five minutes.  Is it common to have to give notice at a daycare when you want to switch?

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  • From what I have heard from others it is common. These daycares want to get you coming and going so I am not surprised. Is there anyway you can delay the start of the other DC 2 weeks now that you have given notice to the director?
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  • Our handbook for both daycares had a 30 day notification policy.
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  • I think our is 2 weeks notice (I think).  But I'm sure it is like a job you have to give them 2 weeks notice.  What happened?  Why are you moving Polly?
  • At our daycare, we have to give 30 days notice before we leave.  It was printed in our enrollment package.

    I have both kids on waitlists for a daycare in our neighborhood and I will have to pay double for a month--sucks but there's no way around it.

  • yes, 2 weeks notice (at least) is standard.

    If she's in the room by herself, that's illegal, but it would be hard to prove if you can't see the whole room from the webcam and you didn't capture it somehow.

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  • What happened could be a long post.  I will try to make the bullet points.

     1.  The current daycare often mixes the 1YO and the babies, sometimes during naps which is disruptive.  Also, when the 1YOs are in the room with the babies the 1YOs play a little rough with the babies and Polly has even been bitten.  The babies have to stay in the exersaucer or jumperoo or swing and can't play on the floor and practice crawling, sitting, etc.

    2.  When they mix the babies the ratio is often 6:1 (and sometimes I have caught it 7:1) which it is the absolute legal limit and its pure chaos.  This daycare has staffing/enrollment issues.

    3.  A spot opened up at our first choice and I wanted it bc its a church daycare with a Christian based curriculum.  Also they have 3 teachers in the baby room and the director assured me that she does not mix her age groups.  Also, starting next year they have a 6 month promotion policy to better group the children (as opposed to 1 year).

  • Yes it's common and it's common courtesy.  It's probably written somewhere in their policy. 
  • Yes. Notification is a common policy.
  • Well, I guess I might see if she can start the new daycare in two weeks.  I just will have to keep a close eye on the current daycare.
  • Let me chime in:

    Connor's daycare mixes the 1 year olds and infants together before and after school hours depending on the number of students.  Instead of both classes having 2 students they combine them and send 1 teacher home.  I'm sure this is a common practice.  Connor is the youngest in his school period and he is almost 10 months old the next youngest is 15 months so they are really no baby babies in their rooms.  Most daycares are having staffing/enrollment issues especially now becauses of all the layoffs.  Connor's class went from 6 kids to 3.  Therefore when the 1 year old class is low on students they will combine during the day even and send one teacher home.  I don't have a problem with that because I know Connor gets more than his share of attention because they have spoiled him rotten.  In addition, all kids know each other and play well together.

    I don't understand why they won't let Polly get on the floor with the other kids (granted if she is crawling/scooting).  Connor is always on the floor crawling and moving with the big kids and he is not afraid of them either.  They don't restrict him so he is literally hanging with the big kids and they all have fun.  In fact, my child is the one taking toys from the big kids and hitting them. 

    I hope your 1st choice is the winner because I know you have been have bad luck in the daycare department.  GL Martha!

  • Our deposit was for 2 weeks so that they could keep it if we pulled DS out without a 2 week notice. Otherwise, we'd get the deposit back.
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  • Ditto missmlp....and our policy is also two weeks notice. Common practice and common courtesy. 

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  • I assume the notice is pretty standard. I know ours has the same policy.
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  • You guys are right and its probably common courtesy, but I didn't want P neglected or whatever bc she is a short timer.  I know its not legal or anything to do that but its hard to trust strangers with your kids.  I just wanted a clean break.
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