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How to handle a nosey nurser?

Christopher is determined to be more challenging than either of the other two, and he's starting so early!  lol

He is soooo nosey that nursing has become a game of sorts.  I spend the entire time trying to get his attention back.  He'll nurse then look away at something and then come right back.  Sometimes he'll forget that he was nursing and go towards whatever he sees.  Sometimes he decides it's play time and plays with my nipples (which resulted in him being squirt in the face yesterday and shocked the mess out of him).

I go into quiet rooms when I need to, but there is always something that distracts him. 

That's it, he's easily distracted....what am I supposed to do about that?

Re: How to handle a nosey nurser?

  • Oh God, you just brought back crazy memories. B was bottle fed but as soon as someone talked or she heard a noise or saw something, feeding would be over. I'd be constantly yelling at DH for talking during the feedings.

    I found the only thing that helped was me starting to talk to her more while I fed her so she got used to it. I couldn't just feed her in a dark, quiet room all the time.

  • DS does the same thing with his bottle. I used to follow his head with the bottle. Now I just wait for him to turn back or put him and the bottle down. He'll let me know when he's seriously hungry and then he knows he better eat or mommy will put him down.
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  • I had to use a blanket to cover DS's view from everything when he went through "nosey" phases, even when nursing alone in a quiet, dark room. 

    Wonder if something like a Bebe-au-lait/Hooter Hider cover-up might help in this situation?   A woman on etsy makes some pretty ones - [url[[/url]

  • I would nurse DD while watching TV, and she would actually watch with me.  Having it on kept her attention long enough that she would actually finish nursing.
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