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baby bedding?

I think this has been posted before, but I can't find the someone please help me ;-)

Here's what I think I need...

-crib mattress

-mattress pad

-fitted sheet

-ultimate crib sheet (optional?)

Do I need the mattress pad AND the ultimate crib sheet?


Re: baby bedding?

  • we have the mattress pad with plastic on the back so not sure if you need the ultimate crib sheet too but I am waiting for what people with babies say :-) I got a few sheet savers as gifts from people who recently had kids and they said they are helpful.
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  • Ultimate crib sheet didn't work with our crib.  I bought one, couldn't use it and gave it away.  I never missed it.  I recommend 2-3 mattress pads and 2-3 fitted sheets.  My son spits up a lot and I need a change of pad as well as sheet.
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  • I wouldn't think you'd need the mattress pad if you have the ucs.  We have three ucs -- she hasn't needed them yet in the crib (knock on wood) but they are really helpful to use as a play blanket for when you have to "air them out" b/c of diaper rash. 
  • I liked getting the mattress pad because the plastic mattress seemed loud with just a sheet covering it.  We had sleep issues int he beginning so I was trying everything to make the bed comfy and quiet.
  • I have:

    - crib mattress

    - waterproof mattress pad

    - 4 waterproof flannel crib pads ( this goes on top of the mattress pad and under the sheet.  I know it seems redundant, but then when the sheet gets wet/soiled I don't have to change the mattress pad too, just the sheet and crib pad

    - 4 crib sheets

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  • The ultimate crib sheet did not work with our crib at all either.  If the four posts are wider than the spindles, you will likely have problems.  Very irritating.

    Also, FWIW, I know someone who's daughter figured out how to unsnapped the UCS by 6 months.

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