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Dr. Sarkanin at Oakdale

I just read a post from waitingforbaby#2 that she had a terrible experience with Dr. Sarkanin. I am seeing her tomorrow for my first appointment ... now I'm really nervous. Has anyone used her and what have you experiences been? Thanks!

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  • As a former employee at the hospital that Dr. Sarkanin works at and as a pt where she works- I would have no problems having Dr. S. care for me.  I have seen her in action-even during trauma situations. She handles herself very well and makes certain that baby is safe.  Please do not let one persons perception detemine how your visit will go.  Sometimes pt's don't click with certain providers, you may need to find someone else that you are more comfortable with- there are many, many competent physicians in that group.  It is nice to see a few different providers during your pregnancy to find who you like best.  The chance of having the same provider throughout pregnancy and delivery is very, very slim. This is my 3rd pregnancy with this group and I wouldn't go anywhere else.  I have been extrememly happy at Oakdale.
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  • She is my favorite doctor there!  I saw her for my very 1st appointment and then she was highly recommended for my 2nd pg as I was having a repeat c-section. 

    For my 1st pg, I saw anyone and everyone because you never know who you will have deliver the baby in the hospital (of course, I still ended up with 2 OBs I had never seen before!).

    For the 2nd pg, I made all my appointments with Dr. Sarkinen and scheduled my surgery with her.  Of course, I went into labor early and was SO RELIEVED that she was the OB on call the night I went in.

    I think she is great.  She is professional yet friendly and easy to talk to.  I really have had very few problems with any doctors at Oakdale, so I am hoping you find the same experience.

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  • Thanks for all the info. I agree that she is great! I've been going to her for a couple years now and my first prenatal appointment was no different from the past.
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