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What a surreal day...

Both DH and I are just in a state of numbness! ?We can't believe we are going in this evening to get induced. ?Going to sleep for the last night in our own bed without a baby was so bizarre. ?I am excited, both families are on their way here now, etc., but I'm also feeling numb - like I can't believe this is happening and can't wrap my head around what it means.

Did anyone else feel this way before their child's birth? ?Any words of wisdom??

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Re: What a surreal day...

  • No words of wisdom, but good luck! Enjoy your last day as a couple and I hope your delivery is an easy one.
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  • I'm starting to feel that way quite often!! Good luck tonight!
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  • I was surprisingly calm on the way to my induction... I drove, while Greg was throwing up in the passenger's seat (he was so nervous, LOL)

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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  • Good luck and keep us posted!! I've definitely hit the surreal stage myself...now I just feel like I'm waiting and waiting.

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  • Good luck! I'm sure I would be feeling the same way if I were you!
  • Good luck!

    Dh and I still occasionally look at each other in disbelief that we have a child!

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  • Eeeek, good luck!! that is so exciting!

    I was induced as well and it was very surreal. It was even more surreal when they placed my crying baby on my stomach. Amazing though!

  • Aw, good luck!
  • Good luck!  For me the surreal part was driving home from the hospital and realizing that we went there as two people and left as three.  And we were stuck with him!  I definitely panicked about what we had gotten ourselves into. :)
  • It was very odd going to be induced.  One moment everything feels 'normal' and then the next thing you're at the hospital pumped with drugs awaiting the arrival of your child.  DH and I went to Five Guys before checking in at the hospital, very bizarre sensation.

    I don't know if you'll see this or not as I'm late responding, but relax and very soon you'll have your daughter in your arms.

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  • Yes!  I felt very emotional on the way to the hospital thinking that was the last time it was just going to be only me and DH.  Good luck!
  • Best of luck.  Just think of the blessings to come.
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