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Getting DD tested for peanut allergies

Ugh. What an afternoon.

At DD's 2 yr well-child check last fall, the dr told me to go ahead and start peanuts whenever we were ready. We have no family history of any food allergies in any part of our families.

I put it off til after the holidays and then a few weeks ago I gave her a tiny taste of peanut butter on the tip of a spoon. I knew that it could be the second time that causes a reaction though, so I didn't really expect much to happen. This afternoon I gave her two crackers with a little bit of peanut butter on them. She loved it! But as she was about 1/2 way done eating the 2nd one, I noticed that her upper lip was swelling. Her lower lip and tongue never swelled, but it still freaked me out. Then several minutes later she was itching her ears and eyes and her eyes kept watering. I washed all of her skin and kept an eye on her (she was clearly still breathing, no further swelling, etc). After an hour or so the swelling went down and I put her down for a nap. She was acting like her usual self throughout, thankfully. It still freaked me out though as soon as her lip started to swell and I didn't know what else was going to swell. I kept making her stick her tongue out at me so that I could check it!

I called the pediatrician just to see what to do about it and they want her tested for allergies. I hope we get an answer soon. It wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been and it still freaked me out!

Anyone's DC tested already? Is it just a skin prick test usually or bloodowkr?

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Re: Getting DD tested for peanut allergies

  • I'm sorry you're having to deal with this!  I don't know how they do the testing for children that young, but when I had allergy testing as an adult, the tests for food allergies were done using a blood sample.  The tests for more environmental-type allergies, like pollen, mold and insects, were done with skin tests.

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  • I took DD to see an allergist, although we ultimately decided not to test; they have this plastic thing w/ 10 prickly things on it; they put some kind of a lotion on the baby's back and put the plastic over it (each of the 10 pricks has a different thing they test for); she said it doesn't really hurt the baby a lot b/c the lotion kinda numbs it. but DD is still a baby, they may do something different for a 2 y.o. I saw Dr. Vickie Lee in Ashburn - I highly recommend her, she's got wonderful manner and is a mother herself and has time for you and is very compassionate.
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