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"Walking Pregnant" Blog Post


Particularly for people who read/used to read Twop (and/or are addicted to TV, kind of generally). Grub Report is from Keckler, who used to do their Top Chef episodes, as well as some other shows.

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  • i'm so glad that you posted this! i forgot to save the link when you paged me the other day.
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  • Thanks for posting! I didn't realize she was (well, they all were) pregnant. I'm sad they don't do recaps anymore! Keckler was way better than the person who does it now.
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  • Yeah, I miss the old TWoP, so I have a bunch of former recappers' blogs on my Google reader.
  • Which other exTWoPers blogs do you read?  The only one that I've read is Pamie's.
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  • Sars and Miss Alli. Sars has Tomato Nation. And Miss Alli's now the main contributor to NPR's Monkey See, but she also occasionally posts to her own: Things What Things.

    Oh, and Go Fug Yourself, of course, although I think they're better known for that than they ever were for their recaps.

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