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has anyone's child have hydronephrosis?

hi i just had a 38 wk ultrasound done,and they told me the baby's left kidney is dilated to 8 cm?The nurse just told me to let the hospital know when i deliver,has anyone been told this and it cleared up?or if still had afterwards what did they have to do?it was never found on any of my other ultrasounds.

Re: has anyone's child have hydronephrosis?

  • I didn't find out about the hydronephrosis until after delivered and DS had a high fever and his pressure was was high.

    We had a nephrologist  (sp?), but after the ultrasound, the dilation went away.


  • We're going through this. I didn't find out until my 12/24 U/S- results given 12/31. I delivered son on 1/3 and he had an U/S done on 1/5. He was then put on Amoxicillin. The U/S showed he has very mild bilateral hydronephrosis. It's worse on the left side. We met w/ an Urologist at DuPont on 2/4. He then prescribed DS on Primcol and took him off of Amox.

    The next step is to have a test (VCUG) done that involves a catheter to see if he has reflux. Reflux means that instead of leaving the ureter, the urine goes back into his kidneys. If it is reflux, then he will be still on the medication. If he doesn't have reflux then he will be off the medication and only have to be monitored (since the reflux is what causes kidney infections and UTIs). They think it just might mean that he has large kidneys and nothing is wrong. We go back to DuPont on Friday for the test and appointment.

    Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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  • They found ours at my 20 week u/s. We had to go back for 2 more to monitor it- it didn't get signifigantly worse. They told us 99% of the time, once the baby is born, it corrects itself on its own. Ours didn't. We did a test using radiation and diuretics to monitor her urine output; we also did the vcug to see if she has reflux (pp explained this); so far, everything seems normal. She's never been on meds for it, and they are going to continue to monitor her. They think that it will either go away on it's own or not go away but never pose a problem. They said the chances of needing surgical intervention are very low. Good luck- from what I understand, even the "worst case" isn't that bad.
  • Our daughter has this, and it was found at our 20 week ultrasound.  We were also told that 99 percent of the time it corrects itself by the time the baby is born, and that did not happen for our dd.  In fact it was much worse than they initially thought, so I do have to disagree with the pp who said that the worst case isn't that bad, because it is "that bad" for us.  My dd has been on meds from day 1 and she has to have her kidney removed in June because the hydro damaged it so bad.

    I know my response is really scary, and I hesitated even posting it. My dd's kidney was at 8 cm when I was 34 weeks and then she ended up arriving at 35 weeks.  DH and I had met with her pediatrician before she was born and when she was born they did an ultrasound which showed severe hydro on the right and mild on the left.  She then had a VCUG which showed reflux on the mild side and nothing on the severe side.  They did a Lasix Renal Scan next and found that her right kidney has very minimal function. 

     There are varying degrees of severity, from what I've been told, many kids outgrow the reflux by their first birthday and sometimes have to take preventative meds so they dont get a UTI.  Some kids have to take them for longer, but still outgrow them and some kids have it bad enough to require surgical intervention like my dd.

    Good luck with everything.  I know this is scary, but I do want to leave you with something very positive.  My dd is thriving.  She's not in any pain, it does not alter her daily life in any way, and her better kidney has already grown in size to act like 2 kidneys.  She eats and drinks normally, plays normally, is developing normally.  The only bad thing is giving her the meds which she hates, but at least that is only once a day, and that she has to have surgery, which scares the living crap out of me, but I've had alot of reassurance about babies and surgery from the wonderful girls on here.



  • I want to thank everyone who has posted here. I didn't ask the original question, but I just got back from my 3rd u/s and our little girl has a dialated kidney.  Dr tells us that it is mild-moderate (.6) and that it will be monitored.  We have another u/s in 6 wks.  It really helps to read others' experiences with this.  I keep wondering if there is something I can do to help resolve this issue...does anyone wonder the same thing?

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