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XP: Anyone had an amnio?

If everything went ok w/the baby's monitoring, etc, how did you feel afterwards?  I have appointments 3 days in a row next week and am feeling guilty about having to take so much time off of work (I'm a teacher).  Should I expect to be ok to go back to work in the afternoon (amnio is scheduled for 8:30am), or would it be better to just go home and spend the day resting?



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Re: XP: Anyone had an amnio?

  • although i refused the amnio with my son, they said if i chose to have one, someone would have to drive me home and i would have to be on bed rest for the rest of the day.
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  • I didn't have one, but I wanted to mention that I also have a uterine abnormality - I have a bicornuate uterus with a large septum. My daughter was in the right horn, and this little guy is in the left. I haven't come across many people with a similar condition, so I thought I'd say "Hey!"

    Good luck with your amnio.



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  • I had my amnio a few weeks ago.  I drove myself home, had no cramping, no problems at all.  I was 15.5 weeks along.  The pain was no big deal, but I closed my eyes and did not watch it go in.  The Dr wanted me to take it easy for 24 hrs and the big thing was for me not to lift anything heavy.  It was a not a big deal and the results came back all fine which was worth was ever stress I had to endure.  good luck!
  • I had an amnio. at 20 weeks. I had refused it initally but then they saw some abnormalties in my Level II ultrasound.  My friend drove me to and from the appt.  I was already on modified bedrest anyway, but I had the amnio on a Friday and was told STRICT bedrest for the weekend.  I had lots of cramping.  The whole procedure took about 30 min, and I was having twins so they had to take a sample from each baby. The results came back normal for both babies.  If you don't mind me asking, why are they doing your amnio. so late?
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  • They want me to have the amnio due to the baby having increased ventricular size.  After doing some more thinking about it, we've actually decided to wait until after we do some less invasive testing (bloodwork and an MRI).  
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  • I had an amnio at about 23 weeks. I took the whole day off because they scheduled it for the middle of the day, so I didn't have the option of working the morning or afternoon. I am a teacher as well and we can only take half or whole days off, not just a few hours.

    But, the amnio was really nothing for me and afterwards I felt completely fine. I know you said you are going to do less invasive testing first, but from my experience, I don't think I would be too worried about an amnio. If you have it done, just make sure a very highly qualified doctor is performing the procedure.

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