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Happy due date to me!

My ticker is off, but today is my due date.  I've been feeling lots of tightness and random cramping over the past few days, but nothing consistent.  I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon so we'll see what he says. 

My BFF who was due 10 days after me had her baby girl yesterday and so labor is very much on my mind.  Part of me was hoping to go into labor yesterday so my son and her daughter could be b-day twins!

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Re: Happy due date to me!

  • Happy due date!!  Good luck with everything and keep me posted.  After we both have our babies, we'll have to meet up for coffee.  BTW, I'm delivering at Sibley, so we probably won't see each other in the delivery room. :)

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  • good luck! hope your baby comes soon
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  • Hopefully today is the day! Good luck!
  • Happy due date! Hope things start moving quickly for you!!
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  • Happy due date! Hopefully baby will come VERY soon! :-)
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  • Good luck! I hope he comes out soon!!
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  • Come out come out little guy. Keep us posted on your progress!
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  • Good luck - he'll be here before you know it!!
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