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Would I be crazy to go to work?

So (of course) there is still no baby and no sign of imminent arrival. ?I'm bored and there is actually a lot going on at work today, so I know I would enjoy being there. ?However, it is about a 25 minute drive each way, so I'm wondering if I'd be insane to go so far from home in case something starts happening or things move fast. ?What would you do? ?Suck it up and stay home or risk going into labor at work (the one upside - I work at a hospital!)?
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Re: Would I be crazy to go to work?

  • I would go to work.  If you start getting any weird feelings, just go straight home.  I would not be able to do the lady in waiting routine.  Your labor shouldn't be that fast for a first time baby (although if you are drinking the water on this board, then maybe!! ) and it would get your mind off it.  Good Luck with whatever you decide!
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  • i never have given birth but from watching a lot of ladies here at my work... go if you feel like it! Have your hospital bag in your car just in case and if you start to get too worn out go home! 25 mins isn't bad... just leave work before traffic starts and you should be fine!
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  • I wouldn't, but I'd bee too scared. If you really want to, then go.  Just be sure to take your hospital bag with you and be prepared to rush out of there.  I know you probably feel like you are going stir crazy at home with nothing to do, but seriously, enjoy this time.  Any day now you are going to be busy and exhausted 24 hours a day!  Go take a nap or something.   :)
  • If I had the leave I'd be home right now! But if it will make you feel better to go, take your bag and just go hang out for a while. Plus, if you're already at a hospital, I'd say you're safe if things start to happen! Good luck!
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