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Arlington Women's Center- first visit

I have my first visit at Arlington women's Center in two weeks. I have been really excited because I assumed they would do an ultrasound or at least listen for the baby's heartbeat, so we would know all is well. In fact, my parents are bursting to tell family but we decided we would only tell everyone after we had that confirmation.

 I was looking at their website today, though, and it looks like maybe they just do a bunch of blood tests, and don't listen for the heart until 12 weeks, and no ultrasound until about 20 weeks?  Can anyone who has gone there tell me what your experience was?

Re: Arlington Women's Center- first visit

  • Yeah, their dopplers can't hear the HB until around 12 weeks, and they don't do an u/s until much later. ?If you're having any concerns (cramping, spotting, etc), you can call them and they'll have you go to Washington Radiology for an u/s. ?They're really SO very worth it, though. ?A FANTASTIC OB group!!! ?I can't speak highly enough about them.
  • PS - which doc are you going to see this time?
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  • Thanks for the info! That is disappointing but I have heard good things about them, and they are a block from my house, so I won't be changing.  I am glad I found this out now though- it would have been way more disappointing going to the first appointment with my hopes up.

     I don't recall the doc I am meeting with first- I wrote it on my calendar at work and will be away from my office until Monday. I will let you know!

  • I go there and have met with all of the docs/midwife in the practice and really like them all.  I heard the heartbeat on the Doppler at my 1st appt. with Dr. Rossi at 8 weeks.  I was also measuring large so we did an ultrasound the next day to rule out multiples.

    It's true that they lay out what your expectations for your care should be, but they will also add things more specific to your needs if you need them. 

    Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!

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  • And one more thing, you won't do your blood tests there.  All of your blood tests (prenatal profile and eventually GD test) will be done at a LabCorp.

    Your 1st appointment will consist of a consultation and possibly a pelvic exam.

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  • Thanks for the info- it is really helpful to know what to expect. I hope I get to hear the heartbeat when I go!!!
  • I love AWC!  It's unlikely you'll have an u/s or hear a heartbeat until 12 wks.  If you choose to do the NT scan, you'll schedule that around 11-13 wks, and you'll have an u/s then.  And, when I went for my 8 wk appt a few weeks ago, I was totally expecting to get a lab sheet to go to LabCorp, since I always had to go there during my first pregnancy, but they are now drawing LabCorp labs in the office.  There was a LabCorp lady there and she just came in and did it.  SO much easier!!  I think who draws your blood depends on your insurance.

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  • Dr. Rossi is amazing! He is my sil OB and Gyn for years now.  He actually just did her hysterectomy about 3 months ago and even though he was not my dr he talked to me about all of my concerns (extending my sisters follow up for about an hour) Unfortunately they no longer take my insurance, and since I live in Fairfax county now I am not seeing him but everyone there is great, in fact I went to elementary school with one of the receptionists her name is Aleida! Anyway you are in great hands with those folks
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