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Gtube or GJtube question?

My guys had GJ tubes put in two weeks ago and are on continuous feeding pumps. They are almost 11mos old actual, 8.5mos adjusted and one is just now starting to roll over. 

My question is, until we can get the McKey (sp?) button placed in three months how can I dress them in something other than sleeper pajamas?  I want to put them in pants and not sure where to put the tube since most pants after 9mos don't have snaps in the crotch.  I can't have the tube runing out the bottom of the pant leg because they'll pull it.  And I don't want it getting pinched or kinked if it comes out their waste in the back.  What do you recommend???

Re: Gtube or GJtube question?

  • You can use a soft ace bandage to wrap the tube across their stomachs. My son had a long G-tube for about 3 months. The ace bangage goes around their waists and covers the tube up. It makes things a little lumpy, but that's kind of inevitable with the long tube. When the tube is wrapped up, the boys won't be able to reach it and pull it out, either. You will love it once you can get the Mic-Key. It makes life a lot easier! I know how much of a pain tubes can be. My son had his G-tube placed when he was only 3 weeks old.?
  • You can also run it out the bottom of the pant leg, but attach it to their clothes (tape around the tube, then attach that tape to pants/shirt/something) so if they pull it it won't get yanked and start leaking. ?Ask your GI nurse if they have any suggestions about how to secure it.

    Also, you could see if something like this would work for you:


    You could put the hole in the back if that minimizes the access for the boys to pull on the tube.

    Good luck!?


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  • Hi there!

    Drake has had his Mic-key since we brough him home and we have always dressed him in regular clothing and let him discover the tube in his own time.  It might be a good idea to let them play with it a little as long as they don't pull too hard.  I have noticed that Drake pulls on his tube but when it gets uncomfortable he stops.  I try not to let him see that it makes me nervous because that will just make him do it more. 

    As far as kinking the tube, we even dress Drake in onesies and pants and have only had a problem a few times. 

    I hope some of that helps!

    BTW the boys look great!


  • we used the mesh stuff that they would put on u before they put on a cast, it's flexable and not as confining as an ace wrap, you can put in around the are and tuck the tubing in it. i use to dress my son in those union suits, their similar to a sleeper without the feet in them and come up to size 24mos.(Gerber makes then in cute prints, light weight for spring long underwear type for winter) then i would tape the bottom around his ankle. once you get a mickey button it will be easier.  i used those romper that snapped all the way up the front , and had the 3 snap flap in the crotch,(walmart usual carrys some cute ones) even got Disney ones when we were in Florida from the Walmart there.  so i would hook the extension up and then let it hang down his let, while he was feeding. as they get older the feeds usually get a little shorter in time and the speed gets faster. my son is now 4yrs. old
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