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 DH's SA came back okay (good numbers and motility but low morph).  Dr. suggested we move to RE and do IUI and it looks like Shady Grove Fair Oaks is our closest office.  Was wondering if any ladies went there or have experience with their dr's.


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Re: Shady Grove Fair Oaks...

  • i doc i see at the annandale office goes to fo too.  its dr garde.  love her!  i saw dr greenhouse yesterday and he was nice too, he only did my u/s.  but i dont think you could really go wrong, they are all great!  :)
  • Hi there!

    I don't have any info on SG, but I just wanted to wish you luck.  My husband and I were diagnosed with MFI (low mot and really low morp- only 4%!).  We were told that we had about a 3% chance of conceiving naturally and more than likely would need to do IVF (morph was too low for IUI).  Low and behold, 6 cycles later, we were pregnant naturally! 

    Just wanted to say it can happen with low morph and good luck!


  • I went to Shady Grove Fair Oaks office last year and had great success (Had my baby in December).  Dr. Paulette Browne was my primary doc, but with Shady Grove you just kind of see whoever is there that day, with one doctor being in charge of your case.  So, I also saw the other Fair Oaks doctors and they were all great, especially Dr. Greenhouse.
  • Hi  I know this post is a little but here is what I have to offer.

    I saw Dr. Greenhouse at the Annandale office, but I know that he sees patients at the FO office as well.

    I cannot speak enough praises for him!  He is wonderful.  My DH and I liked him from our first visit.  He (I think all doctors do this) gives you his email address so you can ask him questions whenever you think of them.

     I emailed him on a Sunday thinking he would respond on Monday, and I had response that night.

    We got pregnant on our third cycle using IUI...we had to stop the second cycle because we had to many eggs...


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