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I have the option of going to Mercy or United, and I have not heard many great things about Mercy, does anyone have any thoughts of experiences on United?

Thanks so much!


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  • I delivered at United in October. The L&D nurses are really fantastic. The post-partum nurses were nice but I feel like they were really inconsistent. Also, the rooms aren't anything to write home about but if there were anything wrong with your baby you're in the best hospital in the area with their level III NICU.?
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  • No opinion/experience w/ United, but I delivered at Mercy on Saturday and it was a fabulous experience. The staff was great, the food was great (weird, I know) and if I were having more kids, I'd have them there.
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  • I delivered at United and it was wonderful.  I agree about the postpartum nurses being inconsistent.  They all seem to have their own ideas about when to get up (I had a c/s), how to breastfeed, how to space pain meds... but I think that's true with any hospital.  I felt very comfortable because the NICU was so fabulous.  My baby didn't have to go there, thankfully, but it was great knowing that in case he did, he would be taken care of.
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  • Both hospitals would probably be fine- I did my L&D rotation there- years ago. Anyway as long as you have a healthy pregnancy either should be fine.  Could you take a tour of both- to get a feel for where you may feel more comfortable.  One thing to keep in mind- Mercy does not have a NICU. I do love the community feel of Mercy however and recently had a good friend that delivered there and was very happy there.  And remember you are your own best advocate! Good luck

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