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I just wanted to say that Lily and I had a wonderful time yesterday and it  was really nice to get to meet everyone and I think all the kids did a great job seeing how "Wonderful" are server Lily and I hope to be able to attend one again soon.




  • We had a great time too!  It was wonderful to meet everyone.  I'm looking forward to our next GTG!
  • Nicholas and I really enjoyed ourselves as well! It must have been so exciting for him, he actually STTN last night!

    I just sent some pics to everybody's email. If you don't get them, let me know.


  • It was great to meet all of you too and your darling children! After I left yesterday, I was feeling even more excited about having my own little one in a few months.
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  • Well, anyone that was really excited can feel free to plan the next one (that's how we've been operating in the past - someone just volunteers and starts planning).  We also enjoyed ourselves and were sorry we had to rush out although we had been there for 2 hours already!
  • Nicholas and I had fun as well.  I too want to apologize for dashing out, but Nicholas was overtired and had his limit.  He pretty much fell asleep within seconds of the car moving.
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  • I agree, it was fun and great to meet/see everyone!
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  • i agree!  Haley and I had a great time and it was great to meet everyone.  hope to see you all at the next one!

    and yes, wasnt our waiter "wonderful?" ha  ;)

  • Natalie & I had a wonderful time :)

    The more I think about our service there, the more pissed off I get. It was as if the management was dismissive of us because we were a mommies' group.

    The waiters sucked but our service probably would have been a notch better if they had NOT seated another large party in their section with us. After walking around with Natalie, I saw there was plenty of room to seat the other 2 parties in the room with us.

    FWIW, I worked at an OG for 5 months back in 2001 - I know none of my managers would have been stupid enough to seat 2 large parties in the same section!

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