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I think I dropped

I woke up the night before last with really bad cramping, yesterday I thought I looked like I was carrying lower.  So last night I did an experiment.  I tried on an outfit I'd worn 2 days ago and it definitely fit me a lot differently.  When I talked to my doctor today, he said it's normal to happen at 36 weeks.  I thought it would happen later.  One step closer.  I can't believe I am due in less than a month.   

Re: I think I dropped

  • Progress!  Very exciting!
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  • That's great news. I'm curious to know what that's going to feel like when it happens to me. Only 4 weeks to go (give or take).
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  • I've had the same thing happen - lots of low menstrual like cramping lately and a lot of pressure "down there". DH and everybody the last few days have been noticing the belly is much lower!
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  • I dropped around 36 weeks and looked like I was ready to burst.  No cramping, but I could definitely breathe more easily as my insides had been squishing my lungs.  Very exciting for you - it's definitely progress.  But dropping didn't mean any effacement or dilation - not for me anyway.

  • Congrats...dropping didn't help put me any closer to labor, but it definitely changed the way my clothes were fitting or should I say not fitting.
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  • I'm 36 weeks too - due date is 3/17. ?I *think* I've dropped. ?My heartburn at night is a little better, but I have to pee constantly. ?I have moments when I feel like I could give birth if I just got in the squat position! ?But I remember feeling this way with child #1, and she had to be induced at 41 weeks. ?Good luck!!!
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