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Blood Pressure and things

So, blood pressure is still an issue.  My last day at work is tomorrow...then bed rest


Appointment today did not go so well either.  Pressure still up, spilled some more bloodwork, another 24 hour sample collection, back on Monday for a sonogram. 


I'm so stressed and worried and such....say some prayers ladies...

Re: Blood Pressure and things

  • Oh Michelle, I hope the bed rest keeps bp down!  Best wishes!  You may actually deliver before me if the bp is still an issue. 
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  • That's not good to hear...hope things get better! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.
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  • i'm so sorry:( bed rest sucks, and i hated all the bloodwork. you'll be great! don't stress too much ( easier to say than do i know) and think about that  cute little baby:) best wishes!
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  • Prayers coming your way! ?Easier said than done, but try not to get too stressed!
  • :( I hope the bed rest will help keep your bp down. Things will be just fine though, lots of well wishes and prayers to you. :)
  • I'm sorry!  Hang in there!

    I didn't hate bedrest as much as I thought I would.  Make sure you have stuff to keep entertained and remember this is the best thing for you and baby.  And likely the last time you'll get any good rest for quite a while!

  • Sorry! Bedrest isn't as bad as it sounds. I was on bedrest for a little over 3 months. I was also on medication (Aldomet if you want to ask about it). I had protein in my urine but not enough to be worried about. I ended up going to my appointment at 36 weeks. My BP was really high so my Dr. decided to induce me. Funny enough I went into labor once I was admitted to the hospital. My story is in my blog.?

    I know it sucks and is scary but remember how important it is to keep your BP down. I went on bedrest at 24 weeks and never thought I'd make it that far. Our little guy was very healthy at 36 weeks. My cord was a little small due to my BP though. Make sure to take it easy! Good luck!?

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