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I know I shouldn't think ahead as we are not 100% sure we are adopting this baby, but I am already planning in my head what the adoption celebration will be like.  I want it BIG.  I have money saved for it.  I want it fun for kids...but great for adults too.  So a reception hall/nice restaurant would be OK but only if we could make the event child friendly.  Or we could opt for a big backyard party and get a bouncer, etc.  Baby will likely be one yr old when adoption is finalized.  Any ideas?

Re: Adoption Celebration

  • Personally, I prefer parties at someone's home.  Everyone is more relaxed and seem to have a better time.  IMHO

    My BFF did a fish themed first bday party.  She had a baby pool for kids to spash in with lots of toys and a sand box.  They BBQ'd.  Everyone enjoyed it.  She is a Martha Stewart-clone so she spent money tying everything together.  It was adorable.

    For other ideas, try going to a baby board for babies nearing a year.  I am sure the moms have all sorts of fun bday party ideas which could be turned into an Adoption Celebration.

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  • I myself am not a huge fan of big adoption/finalization parties, BUT here is a link to an AMAZING one!

     Also, if the finalization happens around baby's first birthday, could you do a combo party -- birthday and finalization?

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  • That is a super cute link for a party.

    I personally am more of a at home kind of girl. I would opt for a big party at home. 

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