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BF who supplement: Poop?

DD poops every other day now.  The last week or so, her poops have been thicker.  They are mostly the mustardy color with seeds, some darker spots, but they are thicker.  All I can think of is warm peanut butter consistency.  When I wipe, there's nothing solid in it.  Is this because of the formula she's been getting?  She maybe gets 4-5 oz a day, some days none.  I'd say 10 bottles a week.  She definitely strains to get it out, I help her most days. It happens on the changing table, so I hold her legs to her chest to help!  It's just not as "explosive" as they used to be.
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Re: BF who supplement: Poop?

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    my son gets breastmilk fortified with formula for extra calories, and that sounds similar to his poo (except his tends to be green...bleh) so perhaps it is the formula?
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