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Valentines Day

What are you and DH doing for Valentines Day and what are you hoping to get? Also what are you getting DH?


Re: Valentines Day

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    I am going to make heart shaped french toast in the morning. Then we are going to go on a picnic (weather permitting) at our favorite park. Then for dinner we are making kabobs and chocolate fondue with strawberries. (Yeah its all about the food lol, seeing how we have no babysitter and can't do movies ect.)

    I got DH a box of Dove Chocolates and Martini Rossi Asti (his favorite)!

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    We will be sitting at home with our children...we don't have a babysitter. We went to Chicago for a night last weekend while my mom was visiting to keep the babies. That was our gift to each was expensive.
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    We are playing it simple this year. Dh is making a nummy breakfast. I got him his favorite whole bean coffee and I'm making him his favorite cookies. I got a card from both me, and dd.  As far as what I want.. enjoy a glass of wine and stay in.
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    nothing, ha! we don't really do valentines day anymore. I bought DS a book to celebrate his fist v-day though!
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