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Poll: Why did your choose DC's name?

I am constantly asked about Larsen's name and why we chose it. ?Since it is a last name, most people assume that it was a family name. ?

Actually, I read a book in college (Literature minor) by an author named Nella Larsen and it just stuck. ?I was going to use Larsen for a girl, as well.

?His middle names are for awesome people we were very close to. John was for my great-grandpa and Patrick was for a close friend of ours who passed away in a motorcycle accident Sept of 07.?

?I love that his name has meaning and I can't wait to tell him about it!?

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Re: Poll: Why did your choose DC's name?

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    DS first name we chose b/c we wanted something classic and it was the ONLY name we agreed on and his middle name is DH's name :)
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    We were watching something on the yankees when I was pregnant and they were talking about Henry Lou Gehrig ( I think). I remember looking at dh and saying I like the name Henry and it stuck - plus we are huge Yankee fans.

    The name Charles is dh's name and also a family name.

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    I wanted something classic that isn't too common...easy to say and spell.

    Laura is also one of my best friends since 1st grade.

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    DS name is Cody Michael. When we started dating and talking about kids, DH always wanted his first sons name to be Cody- he had a great uncle with that name and just liked it. DH's middle name is Michael and his late father's first name was Michael so that's where we got it.
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    DS is Bennett Dominic. I liked Bennett as a strong first name, knowing we would always call him Ben, but he could use Bennett if he ever wanted to. I also wanted something short (since we have a long last name), not too common, but not weird or too trendy. Dominic was DH's grandfather's middle name. He chose it, but I love it.
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    Cool poll.

    The idea for Kadence came from a little girl at a preschool where I worked. She was so beautiful, and her mom was white and her dad hispanic (like DH and I). She just reminded me of what my DD would one day look like. I mentioned the name to DH and he loved it. (aside from her blue eyes, my K looks a lot like that other Cadence)

     Evelyn is Dh's sister's name, and it is my late grandmother's name... it's great that it honors people in both our families.

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    No reason really. She was supposed to be Audrey but she just didn't look like one when she came out. DH had turned down the name Brooke way back in 1st tri but as soon as he saw her he was like, "I think she looks like  a Brooke".
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    DD is Calli Jade. My favorite flower is a calla lilly and we needed another C name (becuase DH, I and my 2 step-sons all have C names) so Calli just stuck. DH chose the spelling, and changed it 5 times. Jade is because my favorite color is green. So she was named after my favorite things.
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    Hubby has had Dylan Michael picked out ever since we started dating. Michael is hubby's first name. And Dylan, he just liked.

    We looked at other names, but always came back to Dylan Michael. Now looking at him, I couldn't imagine him being named anything else!

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    i wanted a strong, unique (but not weird) name and i really like traditional irish names...

    it took me about 37 weeks to convince DH on this name - we had settled on a boys name right from the beginning but since he didnt know anyone named Maeve he discounted it. 

    she totally fits her name!

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    Delaney was our name of choice jsut because when we heard it both DH and I loved it.  We didn't have a name for DD until 2 weeks before she was born.  Noelle is her middle name because she was born on Christmas Day, he actual due date.
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    DS is Sebastian Alan. DH's fav movie is Cruel Intentions so he got Sebastian from there, and Alan is DH's middle name.

    ?We also considered naming him Alexander but I'm glad we went with Sebastian instead.??

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    Both my parents have passed away, my dad was Michael and my mom was Kathleen. After I found out I was having a girl I though Michaela Kathleen would be the best way to honor them both.
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    It was the first name that we both actually liked and I looooove the name Sam which is what we call her most of the time. I wanted something normal but not super common or trendy.  We chose Rose just cause we liked it- couldn't find any family names we liked. DH came up with Rose.
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    DS and DD both have first names just because we liked them. But DS has DH's middle name and DD has my mom's middle name.
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    this is embarassing but...

    he is kinda named after jack o'neil from stargate...Embarrassed

    in my defense, i did insist that we go with jonathan for his full name, but yeah. 

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    DH's middle name is Jacques, my middle name is Lyn - and, we wanted a sort of French first name... so, we picked Jacqueline.

    Her middle name, Helene, is after DHs sister - who passed away last year.

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    DH always wanted to name his first son after his grandfather, William Bailey...I thought William was a bit too old-fashioned and I don't really like the nicknames at all (Will, Bill, Willy, etc...especially since they're usually one syllable and our last name is one syllable and I think it sounds silly) we compromised and used Liam instead (nickname for William, not one syllable!)
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    I used to play an online game with Dh, I needed a name for my character and was using the random name generator. It came up with something that I kind of liked, so I changed a few letters and came up with Anorah. She was going to be Norah, Dh did some research and found out that Anorah is a real name of Latin orgin that means honor, so we stuck with it. It's also very similar to the name of one of the main characters in Firefly
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