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Sick Baby - RSV

DD started daycare 1/20.  By 1/22, she had a cold, mild fever, stuffy nose.  This has lasted for about two weeks.  Then on Sunday, she started coughing, and the coughing has gotten progressively worse.  Went to the doctor yesterday, she tested positive for RSV.  I have to give her breathing treatments every 4-5 hours, she was prescribed an oral steroid, and antibiotics for an ear infection.  She is refusing to eat.  If she will latch, she sucks passively and only for a minute or two.  She has violently thrown up the oral steroid every time I have given it to her.  I am so worried.  I have a call in to the peditrician, but does anyone have any experience with RSV??  Someone tell me this gets better. 

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    I am sorry you are dealing with this both my babies had it when they were 3 weeks old and it was awful so I know how you are feeling.  Thankfully your daughter didn't have to be hospitalized, mine were for 6 days.  It does get better but it takes time; it took mine about 6 weeks before they were 100% better.


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    My DD was diagnosed with RSV a week after she started daycare too.  Although the dx was wrong, the ped did tell me it would get worse before it got better.

     I hope you hear from the ped they usually get back to you quickly?

     Hugs to you and your LO!! Right Hug

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    Hello! I am a respiratory therapist and work with lots of RSV babies. RSV is nasty stuff. make sure you stay on top of the treatments and go to the ER or pedi's office immedietly if you notice the wheezing and coughing progressively getting worse and also look for signs of difficulty breathing, retractions which is the sinking inward of the chest and around the ribs when they take a deep breath in. RSV is associated with decreased oxygenation, and since babies breath through their nose it is very important you keep the nares clean with the nasal aspirator.

    Hang in there!!

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    Is she not latching b/c she's having trouble breathing?  If that's the case, your pedi may recommend you take her to the ER.  My DS got RSV 2 weeks after starting daycare and ended up hospitalized for 3 days.  He was struggling to eat b/c he couldn't breathe through his nose and you could see the retractions in his chest that he was in distress.  I'm not trying to scare you or anything but RSV can get pretty nasty - DS is fine don't get me wrong though - it just takes time.  Now, he has "intermittent asthma" as a result too... Fun...  I hope your DD gets better soon!
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    DS got RSV after 3 days in daycare.  It was miserable, but does get better.  I was told it would get worse for about 5 days before it got better and it did.  DS had to be hospitalized and one of the reasons is because he wouldn't eat.  I hope your dc feels better soon.
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    Thanks, Ladies.  She goes back to pedi tomorrow to check her oxygen levels before the weekend.  I am preparing myself for hospitalization if that is necessary.

    I can't tell if her congested nose is why she is having trouble eating.  She doesn't seem interested in even trying at this point.  She won't take her paci either, but will suck lightly with her mouth open on my pinky finger.

     Snowboard - thanks for the advice.  She seems blue around her eyes and mouth this morning.  I am told this is a symptom of RSV, but it is scary looking.  She is also doing this "singing" where she holds her breath and complains loudly for a long time on the same breath, maybe 30 seconds?  I am doing the breathing treatments, and like I said, she seems to enjoy them, so it has not been too difficult.

     Anyway, this sucks, and I am sorry that all of your babies got this horrible crapola.  Thanks again.


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    My dc had it last month. He had a breathing treatment, steriods, an inhaler and an antiboitic for his ear infection also. It lasted about 8 days. She probably just got the RSV b/c since it is a virus, it really shouldnt last long than 10 days or so. It will get better. And believe me, I know how scary it is. At least your doctor didnt turn you away and say, just let it run its course w/no help at all. I had to take him to the ER to get the test.

    My dc still ate but they told me if he started not to eat to call them. Hope your little one gets better soon.

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