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AW: Yay good day!

We had a really good day today - DS and I went to the beach with a bunch of other mommies from Gymboree! ?It was so nice to hang out with other moms (all have babies around the same age as DS) and chat about our LOs....

DS loooved the water...he was sitting up and splashing in it and trying to eat the sand! ?I would PIP but my farking camera got effed up because I accidently got some sand/water in it. ?Oops, hope I can get it fixed before DH comes back otherwise he will be pissy! ?Anyway I have a question for you guys - would you be out in a bikini right now? ?Some of the other moms were sporting teeny little bikinis and seriously looked like they had never carried a child before!! ?I mean, no stretchmarks no saggy tummy NOTHING! ?I'm wearing the biggest beach coverup you can find because I still felt uncomfortable in a one-piece! ?Even when I lose all this weight I don't think I'll be in a bikini because my stomach will probably never look the way it used to... least we had a fun day!?


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