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Does anyone eat at McDonalds?

Other than the 20 cent price difference, what is the difference between the new "McDouble" and the double cheeseburger (which has recently gone up in price to $1.20)?

Re: Does anyone eat at McDonalds?

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    The McDouble only has one slice of cheese. The double cheeseburger has two slices. They are trying to save money apparently.
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    Sorry, I'm budding in, but I know the answer.

    The McDouble has one piece of cheese and the double cheeseburger has two.  Both have two meat patties, ketchup, pickle, onion and mustard.

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    I see...thanks!
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    This was on NiteLine the other day. They wanted to keep customers happy, but the price of cheese went up and they would be losing money with the double cheeseburger.

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