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Is this a clogged duct?

Half of one of my breasts is hard and tender, and not getting better with nursing . It is painful when she nurses. I took a hot shower and maassaged it and that helped a little.

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Re: Is this a clogged duct?

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    I sounds like the beginning of one. When you nurse or pump as much as it may be painful push hard to rub it out. I had to do this when I got engorged and it did help to clear it out.
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    sounds like it.  try a warm compress too.  what i do when i get them is in the shower, use a wide tooth comb lathered up with soap and massage with that.  then i immediately hand express some in the shower.  helps everytime.  plus, it kind of feels good.  (not sexually, lol)  hope you feel better!!


    oh, and if you get a fever or body aches, call the OB!

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    It could be.  I had one a couple of weeks ago and my breast was tender and then I felt a lump the next day.  I did a lot of massaging, heating pad, and then some extra pumping and it went away.  It's a pain, but hopefully it won't last very long.  GL!
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    sounds like. massage the whole time she is nursing if you can. sometimes a heating pad will help. like pp said, if you get a fever or chills and aches call the doctor asap!
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    I don't know if that's a clogged duct....but I'll give you a tip my mom gave me that brought me some relief:

     Fill a sink with warm water and let your boobs hang in it.  Your milk will start to flow out and relieve the pressure and heaviness. This is different from pumping because you're not stimulating the hormone that makes you produce more.  So you won't be causing even more engorgement - just relieving the current pressure.


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