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Friend hurt my feelings - kinda long

Background: So, I moved about 8 hours away from all of my friends and family to be with DH about 5 years ago(before we were married - we had been doing long distance). Since then, I have made friends but it isnt the same and only one has a kid and she is 1 1/2 yrs old so different stage completely than DD. I just joined a Mom's group in my city this week and am really excited to be able to meet other women with children to socialize with and for DD to have some friends as she grows up.

Well, this group also has a FB page so I also joined the group on my FB. A friend of mine from home just made a comment about me joining the group: "Bahahahahah! I don't know why but this makes me laugh." Knowing her, I know she is making fun of me and it just really hurt my feelings. She doesn't want kids at all and apparently thinks my lifestyle is funny. I guess it hurt more than I realized because when I told DH I started crying. I think it just struck a cord because Ive REALLY been wishing we could move back home lately and the fact that I joined a group to make friends just reminds me of my friends/family at home that I miss.

Just frustrating because I dont comment at all on her wierd lifestyle and all her "self help" retreats she goes to to "find the meaning of life".

*Sigh* Thanks for letting me vent.

Re: Friend hurt my feelings - kinda long

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    I"m sorry, I hate those comments from the friends that don't understand. Try to let it go. I do know how you feel though. I just started to get to know a few people here and we're moving again.
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    The funny thing is you probably wouldn't like your old friends much right about now if you did still live there.  She's in a different place in life so she's not going to understand your priorities or concerns.  I think it's great that you joined a mother's group and that you're getting out there to make friends!  Good for you!  I'm sorry you're feeling distant from your old friends, but it will hopefully get better as you make new friends.

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    Awe don't feel bad about it! She probably just doesn't understand!?

    I've told my BFF about my on-line friends I've met on here and ones that I have on facebook and she calls them my stalker friends. I finally told her what I thought of her comments the other night. She is clearly jealous that I talk to other women besides her about babies and she doesn't get it.

    I think its great that you are introducing your baby to new people! Don't let her get to you when she isn't in the same situation! Good luck! ?

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    I had a very close friend of mine break our friendship and a lot of it had to do with the fact that I became pregnant and was moving on with my life...she got very jealous and couldn't accept the fact that our lives were changing and I wasn't living the crazy lifestyle she was still living.

    It made me really sad and I still think about her all the time, but I know I'm better off this way than having a toxic person in my life that makes fun of me and is a drama queen about everything...

    Point is - people change and its not always a bad thing...I know it sucks and its hard but you are better off without having friends that aren't supportive of your life today...glad that you are joining a mother's group - I have joined a class too and have already met some new mothers! ? Hopefully you will make new friendships that will replace some of the old ones...?

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    What a dumb jerk.  I'm so sorry she hurt your feelings.  I hope you make some great new friends in the moms group .. and as for this old "friend" - you are closer to finding the meaning of life than she'll ever be if she maintains her crappy attitude and mean spiritedness. 

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    She sounds like a flake.  You clearly know exactly who "yourself" is and don't need retreats to go looking for it.  She might be jealous too that you are joining a group about something and she has nothing to offer about it.

    Like pp said, if this is how she is behaving, you probably wouldn't be any better off moving home to be with friends!  Hope you meet some great people in your mom's group!

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    Thanks for all the kindness, Ladies
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