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Pumping for First Time

I might try pumping this week to have a bottle available this weekend for my parents. They're going to babysit so we can go to a party on Valentine's Day for a couple of hours.

--when do I try to pump so that it doesn't screw up DD's nursing??

--how many sessions does it usually take to get enough for a bottle?


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Re: Pumping for First Time

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    I pump after DS eats.  It depends on how much you produce but maybe try pumping after 2-3 feedings. 
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    Pump after your DS eats.  Usually in the morning you have more milk than in the afternoon/evening. 
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    I normally pump in the morning after she eats, that's when I'm fullest. But don't stress if she's hungry right after you pump, she'll always be able to get milk out.

    It really depends, sometimes it'll take 3 sessions or just one. I can normally pump 7-8oz in one sitting.

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    I pump in the morning to build my freezer stash. Since you produce more milk through the night I only nurse DS on one side for his first morning feeding therefore I pump the other side. You could also pump an hour after feeding your DD in the morning.?
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    Ditto PP.  Try after every feeding.  Then you can see when you get the most.  I see a lot of women who say they get the most in the morning.  I was the opposite.  This way if you can't pump after each feeding then you can at least pump when you know you have extra!
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