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Cereal ? if you mix with breastmilk...

Dumb question, I know, but I'm already stressed about my supply...The directions say to mix 1tbsp cereal with 4-5 tbsp BM or formula.  5 tbsp is 2 oz - so I need to pump an extra 2 oz on top of what I need for the bottles for daycare?  At that rate, I will run out of my meager freezer stash very quickly :(  For those who have started cereal - how much liquid do you use?  If you BF, are you mixing the cereal with expressed milk? 

Re: Cereal ? if you mix with breastmilk...

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    I don't mix my cereal with that much breastmilk.  I maybe use a tablespoon of milk.  I would think that 5 tbsp of mild would make it very runny. 
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    Right now I'm giving 1.5 tsp with enough bm to make it look like oatmeal. Probably .5 oz or so. I think they have you mix that much bm in so they start to get used to the texture slowly.?

    You can also use formula if you're worried about pumping more and once your lo is used to cereal, mix in juice (with pedi's ok). We've been given the ok for apple juice since dd was having poop issues. I mixed it into her cereal instead of bm because that was one way to get it into her. ?

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    I just did equal parts.  I didn't start out doing a whole tablespoon.  I did 1 teaspoon of each to start.  3 tsp is approx. 1 Tbl - I think.

    I started out with making the cereal very liquidy and every day made it more thick until she took it at applesauce consistency.

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    Thank you ladies!  I hadn't actually mixed any cereal, so wasn't sure how runny 5tbsp would make it.  I definitely feel better now :)
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