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Baby will not nap more than 10 minutes!!

All day long he has been fighiting naps, when he does finally fall asleep he wakes up 10 minutes later.  I try to run around house like a maniac getting things done in 10 minutes lol.  How are you guys getting your LO to take regular naps a day?

Re: Baby will not nap more than 10 minutes!!

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    Have you tried putting him in a bouncy or swing?  Those are they days when I'll just put baby in a slilng or carrier and let him nap on me.  Not quite as restful for you, but you do what you can.
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    It is tough.  I have found that if I catch her just when she is getting heavy eyes and put her in the swing (not on) and then as she wakes a bit turn it on... that has worked a few times.  The past week she has gotten better about it.

    Good luck.


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    Hes in the swing now, I tried rocking him and he was fighting it too I am not sure he may just be so overtired so now I am screwed lol.

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    My DS has days like that. Usually if he is being like that and will fall asleep on my chest, I just pop in a movie and let him sleep on me. Hang in there!
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    Are you swaddling?  My DD was a real sleep fighter until I went back to the swaddle.  Then I hold her for a few minutes, and she falls asleep.  Good luck, and I hope you find something that works.
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    When we brought our lil man home he would sleep 2-3 hours, now that he's 3 weeks he may sleep for 20 mins.  So I understand your frustration. 

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