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nbr: Valentine's dinner in ideas?

We don't have a babysitter, and fiigured going out with DD did not seem all that romantic. We decided since she goes to bed at 7:30 we will just have a date after she goes to bed at home.

Trying to get some ideas on what to make though... I don't want the boring everyday dinner... any ideas?

Re: nbr: Valentine's dinner in ideas?

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    DH and I always just make dinner at home together for V-day.  This year we are going to recreate the dinner he made for me the night he proposed - made-from-scratch salad and ravioli (we have a dough roller) and a recipe that's kind of like this for dessert.  Plus at least one bottle of champagne.  :)
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    my dh bought steaks, potatoes and dessert from Omaha Steaks.  We're going to make that :)


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