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how much is your 4 week old eating.. ff?

my pedi said not to go more than 4 oz every 2-3 hrs but the past few days she sucks the bottle down in no time and screams when its empty.. i just gave her another oz and she sucked that down too

Re: how much is your 4 week old eating.. ff?

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    Our pedi said to increase according to her needs. She is almost 3 weeks old and typically takes 3-4 ounces every 3-4 hours. When she starts taking 4 ounces consistently I will add an ounce. If she is clearly hungry, why not give her what she needs? I think it is better to go on what she is telling you as opposed to some generic guideline. JMO though
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    my thoughts too ty
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    Feed on demand, even if she wants more than 4. Right around 4 weeks, we upped my DS to 5 oz at a time.
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    oh thats great to know thank you! Thats what i decided to do this morning, and its good to know you did the same thanks Big Smile
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