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ucla ronald reagan hospital?

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  • I have not but have had a GF deliver there.  I hear the maternity ward is brand new.  You cant find much on the internet.  I am supposed to schedule my tour at 24 weeks.
  • I work there (not in OB but general medicine).  The maternity ward is very nice: brand new, private rooms, lots of light, daybeds in the windows for SO to sleep over.  Delivery rooms are gorgeous.  Rooms have ICU/OR capability just in case.  There's a website you can check out with virtual tours and whatnot (https://obgyn.ucla.edu/body.cfm?id=75) and you can schedule real-life tours (sorry, see them wandering around, but don't know when they are offered). 
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    I will be giving birth there. One of the reasons was the fact that the maternity ward was new and their rooms seem awesome, not to mention their stellar reputation. 

  • This hospital is amazing - the maternity wing is brand-new, and the staff is great. I'll be giving birth there in August.
  • I delivered there and it was the best experience I have had so far.  I saw a midwives during my pregnancy at a clinic in Santa Monica and then delivered at UCLA with one of the same midwives that I had my appointments with.  It was the best experience so far (I have 3 other children).
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