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My 8 week old colic has seemed to get incredibly worse in the past week. He is very fussy in the evening hours and has seemed to start getting fussy during the day. Sometimes he will be perfectly fine and then just start screaming. Im worried that there is something else wrong besides colic. How does your colicky baby act?

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    Have you taken him to the doctor yet?

    Have you tried Happiest Baby on the Block?

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    Take him to the Dr. just to make sure everything is okay. But yes DD was very fussy - mainly in the evenings. At around 8 weeks, we discovered that she needed more stimulation than we had been giving her. We have her more time on the play mat, etc. etc which helped her to go sleep easier and sleep better. Eventually, the fussiness disappeared around 2 1/2 months. Good Luck. I know it's rough... I def. wasn't ready for a fussy baby as all my experience with babies had been very easy before. Hang in there, it'll get better.
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    BTW: We tried the Happiest Baby on the Block method and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt.

    There were times I could just tell her tummy hurt as she would pull her legs up and then toot really hard. Doing the bicycle with her legs and rubbing her tummy in a circular method sometimes helped... The time when she woke up screaming from sleep are the times Im pretty sure it was gas related.

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