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Starting DD on Cereal...

What feedings do you supplement with cereal, versus formula alone?


Do you try to line up her cereal feedings with your meal times?

Re: Starting DD on Cereal...

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    We started with a morning or midday feeding as per our pedi. ?That way, if there is some sort of negative reaction, it will most likely appear before bedtime and not in the middle of the night. Once you know she tolerates the food well you can move the feeding later in the day. ?That way you can introduce new foods earlier in the day and keep the known "safe" foods closer to bedtime. But that will become more relevant when you are introducing fruits and veggies.

    Also, we were instructed to nurse first, then offer the cereal. ?

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    Sophia gets cereal in the morning and in the evening. We mix up a bottle of formula, use that to mix her cereal and then feed her the cereal and give her what is left in the bottle when she is done.
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    We always fed cereal in the evenings when we were having dinner.  DD loves to be in her chair at the table when we are eating, so it works well.  We still do the evening solids when we eat dinner, and it is usually about 2 hours after her last bottle.  She gets one more bottle before bed.  We are just starting to add in a morning solid routine, but we put it on hold until we know her little belly is all better from the bug.
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    At first we just gave a little tiny bit of cereal to make sure he was ready for the spoon.  Quite honestly, it didn't reduce how much he took in when it was just the rice cereal.  I wouldn't worry so much about when you feed her at this point.  Some babies are ready at 4 mos and others aren't.  We tried rice cereal with B and he wasn't interested.  We waited a few days and he liked it more that time.  We stuck with the rice for a few days and then moved on to oatmeal.  But they eat so little at that point that it really doesn't reduce how much they take in formula wise. 

    We started sweet potatoes on Saturday.  That was our first veggie.  I saw a drop in his intake on Saturday, but that was not the case yesterday.  He had 37.5 ozs of EBM + 2 tbs of sweet potatoes + a small amount of oatmeal.  Today, however, he's down quite a bit... so who knows!  (It's probably because he ate too much yesterday!)

    Ditto the pp about making the cereal a "dessert."  If they're starving, they won't want that food because it's too much effort and they can't eat fast enough (think how long she takes to eat 6 ozs and how long one tiny spoonful will take). 

    We feed him sometime between 5 & 7 in the evenings.  This gives us a chance to get him a bath afterwards (he's an absolute mess!) and ensures that one of us in home during that time to feed him.  We don't really want my MIL to have to mess with feeding him yet when we're just experimenting with food.  She has enough on her plate.  If we're both home, one of us has fed him while the other makes dinner.  He sits in his high chair and eats first, and then we sit down as a family to eat together if we're all home. 


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