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Here is a list of the moms in the Cincy/NKY/Dayton area.  If you are TTC, Expecting, or an Expert (AKA Mommy), please let me know and I can add you to the list!  If you see anything that needs corrected, please let me know.  This is posted every Monday and you can post at anytime throughout the week. 

Meg41208: EDD 2/23/09, it's a girl!
Lyons_in_2007: EDD 3/10/09, it's a boy!
John&Kristin: EDD 3/18/09, it's a girl!
MrsMandaK: EDD 3/28/09, it's a girl!
gemduncan: EDD 4/1/09, it's a girl!
megntom07:EDD 4/9/09, it's a boy!
RXjenna: EDD 5/13/09, it's a girl!
tpo1118: EDD 5/16/09, it's a boy!
adamsbabble: EDD 5/16/09, it's a girl (Charlotte)!
planetzero: EDD 5/16/09, it's a girl!
shellbug79 #2: EDD 5/29/09, it's a boy (Oliver)!
mrshaskell: EDD 5/31/09, it's a girl!
bellevuebride07: EDD 6/1/09
hannah&ben: EDD 6/7/09, it's a boy!
Zoogy #2: EDD 6/8/09
XmasWedding07: EDD 6/18/09
Mrs.Cooley2bee: EDD 7/15/09
KYMelissa06: EDD 7/16/09
vbmeg: EDD 8/8/09
tiffany41108: EDD ?
MeganBrian: EDD ?
klee411: EDD end of August
Traycee1242: EDD ?
MelissaMC22 #2: EDD ?
suprchicy: EDD ?
cat81305: EDD ?
Mrs.Babbsy: EDD ?
Angie&Junichi: EDD ?

MrsMoher #2

The Experts (aka, already moms!)
hannah&ben: mom to Jack & Sophia
Dani3679: mom to Ryleigh, born 3/14/04
Tonya_G: mom to Aiden, born 10/8/05
Steve&heather: mom to Elise Rose, born 10/21/05
MrsMandaK: mom to Lily Gayle, born 4/25/06
Shawnsweetie: mom to Rylee Elizabeth, born 8/5/06
AgathiP04: mom to Nikolas Ronald, born 8/22/06
shellbug79: mom to Isabella Jane, born 8/23/06
Ivygalore: mom to Jillian Olivia Alysse, born 1/17/07
Rose.9.6.03: mom to Evelyn Sophia and Charlotte Corinne, born 2/15/07
MrsMoher: mom to Elijah Matthew, born 5/3/07
zoogy: mom to Mya Frances, born 5/6/07
johnandkristin: mom to Jack, born 6/7/07
MelissaMc22: mom to Jackson Ryan, born 6/8/07
curlypie1: mom to Nora Lee, born 6/19/07
TCsbride: mom to Luke, born 6/25/07
vbmeg: mom to Ryan Elizabeth, born 7/25/07
sistrkate: mom to Justin Thomas, born 8/4/07
Matilda&Leon: mom to Evan, born 8/6/07
adamsbabble: mom to Ava Caroline, born 8/27/07
424bride: mom to Nicholas Morgan, born 9/28/07
LoriZ: mom to Allison, born 10/11/07
ashlynn2432: mom to Kinley Reese, born 10/16/07
little-peanut: mom to Griffin Oliver, born 10/18/07
sprads: mom to Brooke Elizabeth, born 10/29/07
RXJenna: mom to Mason Carter, born 12/11/07
SpartanSuzi: mom to Andrew James, born 12/18/07
skram2b: mom to Maleah Delaney, borh 12/27/07
doodlebug914: mom to Ethan Christopher, born 1/3/08
buttrflysky: mom to Lucas, born 1/8/08
l_kristina: mom to Katherine Elise, born 1/11/08
red0427: step-mom to Max & Grace & mom to Gabe, born 1/12/08
IAM4UK: mom to Katherine Marie, born 1/16/08
Nire99: mom to Avery, born 8/14/04 and Owen Gregory, born 1/17/08
JLPT830: mom to Caleb Anthony, born 1/17/08
bgsugrad: mom to Avery Grace, born 2/4/08
cat81305: mom to Alecksander "Aleck" Todd, born 2/14/08
tinytot_924: mom to Kathryn Rose, born 2/20/08
schwenjl: mom to Hudson Henry Daniel, born 2/23/08
pinkylu: mom to Adah Noelle, born 2/25/08
ELucky14: mom to Catherine Elizabeth, born 3/10/08
JenRose05: mom to Benjamin Arthur, born 3/28/08
andailey: mom to Madelyn Grace, born 3/31/08
escape1st: mom to Nathaniel, born 4/7/08
cops_wife: mom to Eliza Sue, born 4/27/08
teacherjess: mom to Leah Claire, born 5/10/08
Mommy2Max: mom to Max, born 5/12/08
mrs.george2be04: mom to Logan Charles, born 5/18/08
ML*: mom to Grace Emmaline, born 5/29/08
jules_9: mom to Alyson & Grace, and Brady born 6/1/08
KristenBtobe: mom to Maggie, born 6/6/08
Brougham7-15-06: mom to Jacob Andrew, born 6/21/08
Becca070707Ken: mom to Kellen Austin, born 1/3/02 & Ayden Michael, born 7/8/08
hav2run: mom to Jamie & Brenna Claire, born 7/25/08
Kabel: mom to Grace Ann 7/25/08
jerseygirl81: mom to Charlie, born 8/6/08
rmburress: mom to Emma Grace, born 8/11/08
riabiron: stepmom to Morgan & mom to Sophia, born 8/14/08
Lorimicheled: mom to Natalie, born 8/20/08
Moesten: mom to Katherine, born 8/26/08
kel716: mom to Brandon, born 8/28/08
Americangreekbr: mom to Anthony, born 8/29/08
linzpinz14: mom to Cecilia, born 9/2/08
Klee2922: mom to Ashlyn, born 9/23/08
punkrawkmom44: mom to Nicholas, Nathaniel, Nevin, and Nolan, born 9/25/08
Annapolis13: mom to Oliver, born 9/25/08
jgeiman: mom to Jena, born 10/7/08
MrsVetter: mom to Elena, born 10/10/08
alisonada: mom to Piper Anne, born 4/13/07 & Kadence Paige, born 10/16/08
lisamm1: mom to Macy, born 10/19/08
Mommy2babyj: mom to Jack, born 9/10/06 & Allison Elizabeth, born 10/21/08
soccerfiend2002: mom to Claire Evelyn, born 10/27/08
TM&AB: mom to Charles Adam, born 11/5/08
Megs&Nick: mom to Allison "Allie" Jayne, born 11/27/08
tiffyr0se: mom to Cole Roark, born 12/8/08
Shawnsweetie: mom to Parker, born 12/10/08
futuremrs.Inman: mom to Carson James, born 12/27/08
Dec05gurl: mom to Charlotte Rachel, born 12/29/08
Jscaggs: mom to Olivia Grace, born 12/30/08
Addslove: mom to Lillian Constance, born 1/4/09
Asphire: mom to Camden & Tessa, born 1/20/09

Congrats to Mrs.Babbsy for your BFP and good Beta #1!

Congrats to Angie&Junichi for your BFP!

Happy 1st Birthday to Aleck 2/14 (cat81305)!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Evelyn & Charlotte 2/15 (Rose.9.6.03)!

Congrats to hav2run & Brenna for winning last week's POTW!

QOTW: What are your Valentine's Day plans?  Have they changed since you had DC?  If so, what did you used to do?

Updates welcome!!!

Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

Re: Weekly Moms Check-in

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    Aw!! HUGE congrats to Babbs and Angie!!!! So happy to hear about both of your BFP's!!!

    Happy birthday to Aleck, Evelyn, & Charlotte!

    QOTW: Nothing exciting here :)  I do have a hair appt. that day that I'm realy looking forward to.  We don't do much for v-day and never have.  I'll probably make some dessert with dinner, which I don't usually do, and give everyone and extra smooch that day... but that's it.

    Update:  We made our name choice official - so if you'd like you can add that.  He's gonna be Henry!

    ETA:  if you want you can also add that Jack is 4 & Sophia is 11 to the "experts" list.  Adding their actual b-days would probably be too long :)

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    We are expecting a girl!!  Confirmed via 3d ulltrasound this weekend!
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    We don't really have Valentine's Day plans.  I have to go to the eye doctor that day so maybe I'll be too dilated to do anything else, LOL!


    We were never big celebraters of that day even before kids.  We will exchange mushy cards and that's probably about it, although I might lobby for a dinner out someplace.

    Justin Thomas joined us on 8.4.07
    Tyler Anthony arrived on 9.21.09
    The Chronicles of Justin and Tyler
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    We are going out to dinner on Friday since we have a sitter. We got each other small gifts and that is about the extent of the excitement. It is pretty much the same as what we did before we had kids.

     Sophia is now sitting unassisted and eating her cereal like a champ. We are starting baby food next weekend since she will be 6 months. She is super interested in what we are eating and tries to get it in her mouth so I know she is ready. :)

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    My birthday (along with the girls') is the day after V-Day.  So we're going out to dinner on the 14th for my birthday (to Aqua).  We usually exchange small presents on V-day, but do a combined V-day/b-day dinner on one of the days.
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    We are ordering a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John's and eating it by candlelight :-)

    We went out last weekend and had a really fun date night, and we don't have a babysitter this weekend so it's kind of limiting. Neither of us really like to cook and pizza is easy and cheap so we figured - why not? We rarely sit down and eat alone together at our dinner table so just that is kind of a treat. DH also suggested doing homemade valentine's cards for eachother in lieu of gifts and I love that idea!

    Before kids we definitely would have went out to a nice dinner and would have bought eachother gifts too, but now we'd rather spend the $ on the girls and there's nothing we really need or want.

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    We're going to Raleigh, NC for the weekend.  My sister's engagement party is on Saturday night (who's idea was that?) so our actual Valentine's Day is booked but we'll still enjoy a nice family weekend away.  We don't usually do big gifts, just cards and something small.
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    We don't really have Valentine's Day plans.  I have to go to the eye doctor that day so maybe I'll be too dilated to do anything else, LOL!

    I'm hoping to be too dilated to do anything else as well, but not my eyes... I am ready to have this baby!  I still feel great physically, but I'm such an impatient person that I want to have this baby NOW.  DH thinks Friday the 13th will be the day for sure.  But it could still be another 2+ weeks. 

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    QOTW:  No big plans for Valentine's Day.  Probably just take the kids out for lunch or dinner.

    Updates:  Owen has four molars now.  We've been in teething hell for the last week.  He's also started saying "thank you" whenever we hand him something and he says "hot" and shakes his hand whenever he touches something hot.  So cute!

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    No V-day plans yet. DH has a job interview that morning.

    I was thinking of getting one of those heart-shaped pizzas, just for fun. But that's about it.

    We've never done anything big for V-day.
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    QOTW:  Since this is our last V-Day before the baby comes, we are going out for a nice dinner at McCormick & Schmicks (Thanks, Alison!). 

     Updates: Wow, my name is getting closer and closer to the top of the list. Only 7 more weeks to go! I've been feeling great overall (just minor back aches towards the end of the day).  I've been sleeping really good!! I owe it all to my DH buying me a Snoogle. Best investment ever!!!

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    Congrats to Mrs.Babbsy and Angi on your BFPs!!!


    We don't normally do a lot for Valentine's day. ?This year we are celebrating by having our gender ultrasound done in the afternoon and going baby shopping! ?My family will be in town to celebrate my birthday and my dad's birthday so that's how we'll be spending Valentine's evening. ??

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    QOTW: DH and I are going out of town for Valentine's Day! We are going to Chicago for a little getaway!

    I hope everyone is doing well and enjoys their Valentine's Day!

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    Congrats Babbs and Angi on your BFPs!

    We really have no set plans for V-Day.  We hate crowded places, so we usually don't go out on the 14th at all.  I am thinking I might get some steak or lobster and fix them at home, along with a great bottle (or two) of wine and a good dessert...mmmm.  The heart shaped pizza sounds good too.  I have been on a liquid diet too long apparently...

    No new updates.  Brenna is feeling much better after her GI bug.  She is still not taking a full formula feeding, but we are getting there.  DS and I now have the nasty thing too. Ick!  


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    Congrats to the BFPs!

    We never made a big deal out of V-Day. Just dinner out, but we don't have a babysitter so we'll probably bring Leah out to a nice lunch. DH says he bought me a surprise so I am excited-- he cannot keep surprises to save his life so I've never had one from him, not even our engagement :).

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    QOTW: We don't have any plans this year.  We will probably hang out together as a family.  We will celebrate DS's birthday with him that day and give him a few little V-day/B-day presents and then his birthday party is Sunday :-)  I can't believe he is going to be 1!!  I cried yesterday making his 1st year video! 

    Before we had DS, we would go out to dinner and give each other a small gift but our last time doing that was V-day 2007.  We had a quick IHOP take out in the hospital last V-day before DS got circumsized.  I really love Valentines Day but I also love that I had DS on that day too :-)

    Updates: We now have 12 teeth and 2 more coming in!  His I-teeth are coming in on the bottom.  We will be done with teething soon at this rate, LOL!  Also, had my first appt today, I am still pregnant, LOL!  The dr asked the nurse that and thought it was funny!  They say I am 7 weeks and the doc is going with what I say which is 5 weeks.  I will have an u/s in March to determine how far along I really am.  I have all day sickness again and have been put on phenergan so hopefully that will help!  We will see!  Have a great week ladies!

    Our kids are 19mths apart and we LOVE it!!

    Married to my BFF on 8.13.05 (after dating 5 years)!

    DS born 2.14.08. DD born 9.30.09.

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    Congratulations on the BFPs! 

    We are going out Friday night (dinner and movie) and my parents are going to watch Gracie.  We don't usually exchange gifts but we've bought Gracie a book and a few small toys.

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    Yeah for the BFP's!!!

    MIL is sitting for us this V-day friday (not Saturday).  We have tickets to Blackbird at the Playhouse, and dh is trying to figure out where we're going to eat.  We usually don't get gifts for each other; we just try to have a nice date night.  I have a 4 day weekend, so I will definitely enjoy being able to relax at home on Friday before our "big" date. 

    Brandon is playing more and more, and it's so much fun to see his personality come out.  He LOVES food, and he makes an absolute mess of himself.  It is too funny watching him eat because he loves to grab the spoon himself.  He had sweet potatoes for the first time on Saturday.  He's probably going to have squash on Wednesday and green beans this weekend.  I made them all myself, and I still can't get over how easy it really was. 

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    Congrats to the ladies who received BFP's! Happy birthday as well to cat's DS and rose/rose's DD's! :)

    We will probably just cook a nice dinner at home, probably not exchanging any gifts, just V-day cards. We did a nice pre-Vday dinner out last Saturday night since V-day is on a Saturday this year.. we wanted to beat the crowds. DD stayed at my IL's, and we had a nice time together just the two of us!

    Before DD, we used to plan a dinner out - nothing too extravagant. Have a great V-day, ladies!  

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    Nicholas is having a vday party at school Thursday so he has valentines to make and a valentine box for his to be delivered to. I got the boys all a pack of cards to make for family/play with. We will make some heart shaped stuff and do little crafts. That's all really. Me and hubby normally just get each other a small gift (candy for hubby flowers for me ussually) and a card.
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    We don't do much for Valentine's. We went out last weekend to dinner at Hugo, so that was our celebration.

    Maggie is good, her first tooth has just barely broken through her gums so she seems to have some relief from the teething pain. Hooray! She is soclose to crawling. Any day now.

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    could you add us to the ttc list?
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