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5 month old eating mainly at night?

A few days ago my 5 mo old started "eating" less (I am breastfeeding and pumping because of work) during the day and more at night.  He is now crying, arching his back and pulling away from the breast when I try to feed him.  I have been pumping so we tried the bottle and he is pretty much doing the same thing with the bottle (we are having more success with the bottle during the day though).  We have started rice cereal (has been "eating" it for a few weeks now).  He also has acid reflux (he doesn't spit up though).  So, I was thinking it is maybe his acid reflux acting up again (he is on Prevacid).  But, at night he is starting to wake up 3-4 times a night to eat (probably because he isn't getting enough during the day). 

 Is anyone else having this problem?  Does anyone have a suggestion as to what may be going on?  I am at a loss and I am worried he is not getting enough. If it keeps up, I will call the doctor.  Just wondered if anyone else baby is doing this.

Re: 5 month old eating mainly at night?

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    He's probably craving more closeness to you at night. I've heard of that happening when mom goes back to work.?

    My dd has started wanting to eat more at night as well, but she's more interested in everything else these days. I think she's just too distracted to wanna nurse for a whole meal. ?

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    Thaks for the response.  It makes me feel a little better thinking that is what it might be.  I have been upset the last few days over this and have been worrying.  Hopefully that is all it is. 
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