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Olivia has little red bumps with white heads on the right side of her face and onto her neck and behind her ears. ?Any ideas? ?My mom said it looked like a heat rash. ?When she spits up it tends to go to that side but I wipe it off right when I see it. ?She doesn't have a fever. ?Although she has been fussy but I think that's because she hasn't really had much of a BM since Friday. ?Connection??

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    It may also be eczema.  Whenever I'm looking for a picture of different rashes, I go to:

    Click on Rash-o-Rama.  If you can't find it there, click on the "visual library" link at the bottom of this link. 

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    It might also be from moisture.  DD had that when she was a NB.  It doesn't have to sit there long to cause a rash.  A&D ointment or Aquaphor several times a day on the spots will help.  Eczema is usually seen in more than one area of the body.  The only thing that really worked for DD's eczema is hydrocortisone prescribed by the pedi plus lots of Aquaphor.
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