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DH and I took a newborn parenting class for adoptive families yesterday - very fun! He has to work on his swaddle technique lol Though he was trying to swaddle the elmo doll .... lol

Then we babysat our friend's 4 month old and 2 year old boys. Mom and dad had not had a date night since way before the baby was born. The baby did not want to sleep (not fussy, just wanted to sit up and see what everyone was doing) so I held him and played with him all night. We had the lights dimmed just to try to give an air of sleepy time ...

Anyway, when their mom and dad got back, we turned the lights up and I realized ... all of my fair skinned makeup transferred to the baby because kept playing with my face. They are african american,  so his brown face, head and hands looked like he was playing in clown makeup! It was adorable but I now realize that if our child is darker skinned ... s/he will always have a white powder on them! lol

Re: Cute moment ...

  • Awww that's cute... and something I never thought of!  Note to self- check transferablity of make-up before baby shows up!

  • Haha awe thats so cute!  I bet you had a blast! =) And Im sure your friends really enjoyed their date night!

    "I have four children. Two are adopted. I forget which two. -Bob Constantine

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  • Irrb... You're girls look like twins!!! I had to read your sig twice! Sooo cute!!
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  • Oh, that is funny!

     I remember once, I had on some of that "lip venom" plumping lip gloss... I kissed my friend's one 16 month old, and she got a rash on her cheek, in the shape of my lips!  She didn't seem to be in pain, although I felt reallly terrible and threw out the lip gloss that night. 

    When we sat next to them a few weeks later at a fancy church wedding, the little girl looked at me and screamed, "NO KISS!!"

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